Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Rising...

The first few days of the emergency were punctuated by a deafening silence by the civil society of Pakistan - or so it seemed. 4 days into this unjust army rule (for those who doubted that the army was in control for the past 8 years!) and people are starting to come to terms with what has happened to them.

For any civil disobedience or movement to be successful, it is imperative for the youth of the nation to come out in demonstrations. Demonstrations don't necessarily have to be violent, but with article 144 of the consitution in effect (hmmm, when the constitution is in abeyance how can article 144 be applicable?) protestors can expect baton-wielding police officers and plain-clothed agents to charge at them. This will obviously result in the peaceful demonstrators fighting back.

LUMS - one of the best management schools in Pakistan, if not the best - is holding daily processions within their campus even with the police warning them against it. Following suit are all other major universities and educational institutions such as FAST, GIK, UET et al. The police have cordoned off these institutes and are stopping the media from covering these ever-growing protests.

Since the media has been banned all across Pakistan, these students are taking their struggle online. LUMS is maintaining a blog pakistanmartiallaw. where they update news on protests being held in various universities. I am noticing this effort become increasingly organized with collaboration from members and student councils of other univerisities. This is great news and is exactly what is needed to make these demonstrations meaningful.

Imran Khan

Imran has been able to slip through police custody (no mean achievement in Pakistan!) and is now in hiding. He has also taken his struggle over the internet (on youtube and his website) where he is issuing short videos to mobilize the youth against this emergency. His speeches are available both in Urdu and English on his website.

Imran Khan was giving a speech in LUMS when the state of emergency was declared. I think his speech to the 'luminite.s' was instrumental in reviving the student organizations across Pakistan to finally break their silence.

All power to Imran! I think he is the only political leader who truly represents the aspirations of the youth in Pakistan. I have already commented before on how leaders like him are hard to find who really have a feel on the pulse of the nation.

Mullah Blitzkrieg

The Jamatis are back! Click here to see their brilliant idea of what I call "guerilla demonstration"! This is hilarious and cool at the same time!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Petition against "emergency" in Pakistan

Dear Visitors:

Kindly take some time out and click on the link below to sign the petition against Musharraf-imposed emergency in Pakistan.

We Oppose Emergency in Pakistan

Sunday, November 04, 2007

State of Emergency

Emergency mubarak! That's the buzz phrase amongst my Pakistani circle today. It was expected to come any time soon and I will give my 2 cents on the situation later.

I hope you guys caught Musharraf's speech last night? His entire speech can be surmised in one word - hogwash! Sorry, Sir, you cannot fool Pakistanis anymore. This is NOT about "Pakistan first" as you so religiously preach. This is about "Musharraf first" and the facade fell off last night when you addressed the entire nation. Your speech lacked reason, cohesiveness, integrity and credibility. I am sorry to say, Sir, but you made a total clown out of yourself!

You are no better than the countless other unsolicited "saviors" who came riding with pomp and valor. Just like all the rest, you got afflicted by that Pakistani disease that inflicts every "savior" that has graced the land of the pure - lack of an exit strategy. Heroes are supposed to come riding in the middle of the night, do their work and disappear into the horizon by sunrise. Alas, leave the disappearing act aside, you even took off the mask that donned your face! Howzat for bravery, folks!? Zorro should learn a thing or two from you!

May I ask you, Sir, whom have you placed the emergency against? Yourself? And I thought emergencies were declared by civilian/political governments. What is an emergency for the military-walas? Common, Sir, you can say it - MARTIAL LAW. What a sad state of affairs and all this because you can't see beyond your nose. Or as you put it in military euphemism, "I have never learned to lay down my weapons in times of adversity...".

Emergency mubarak, everyone!